The Tulips are Blooming !

Field of Tulips in bloom
Tulip Field in Hillsboro, OR.

The Tulips are Blooming !

In Portland’s back yard so to speak, off the beaten path, lies a field full of color. The color comes from Tulips.
Pink, Red, Yellow and White Tulips, they almost look like a rainbow on the ground.

Across the street a large Dutch windmill turns slowly. Spring has come to Oregon !As I stopped to take some pictures of the field vibrant with color, I was reminded of something my Dad used to always say: “Take time to smell the flowers” 
Well, today I wasn’t stopping to “smell” I was stopping to “look”.This action meant I was going to be late to my Writer’s Group meeting, but the tulips couldn’t wait, I needed to seize this moment because tulips don’t last long. 
As I took my photos, enjoying the spring air and sunshine, another car stopped and a couple got out to do the same.  Some of the passing cars honked at us or zoomed by too fast, but it didn’t stop us from “taking time to enjoy the view”.  As I got into my car to proceed on to my meeting I was glad I had taken 5 minutes of my time to use in enjoying God’s beautiful creation.  What better way to start the day ,and then to double the pleasure, I am now able to share it with you!  I hope you will take the time to “Stop and View the Tulips” today and be blessed by the wondrous, colorful works of God.

VanderZanden Farms, located on Jackson School Road in Hillsboro between Hwy 26 and Evergreen Road, sell cut and potted tulips, hyacinths, and peonies.  They are open 7 days a week 7am to 6pm from February to June 15th. but you need to visit soon if you want to catch the tulips in bloom because they don’t last long.

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