Thinking about Sand…

sandThinking about “Sand”…

There seems to be so much of it that we don’t necessarily stop to think about it, but sand is quite a wondrous work of God !

Did you know that there is some sand that “sings”?  Yes, this is a rare type of sand that produces a tone when it is walked on or blown by the wind.  There is also a type of sand that “sparks” with flashes of light when driven or walked on.
Amazing!  But thats not all!  Some sand is “magnetic”, it has tiny black particles in it that may be iron or magetite!

Some sands contain gold, and some called “carbonate” are made up completely of  seashells !

Glass is made from common ordinary sand which is full of a material called “silica” and can be melted down into glass.   Who would have thought sand could be so interesting and amazing !

Next time you happen to be at the beach take some time to examine the sand and you might be amazed at what you see and find.  If you are interested in more “sand facts” or want to visit a “virtual sand collection from all over the world” or see where the annual “sandcastle building contests” are held– click on the links below:

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